Ben Abraham – “Nobody Wants To Hear Songs Anymore” Song Lyrics

Artist: Ben Abraham
Song: Nobody Wants To Hear Songs Anymore

I prayed to God that the angel of music
Would come down and give me a song
That the words would be true and say something so new
That the world would start singing along

And I was surprised when the angel replied
With a note that he stuck to my door
That said “nobody wants to hear songs anymore”

I wrote a song for the love of my life
And I bled into every note
And I poured out my soul and surrendered control
Into each line and lyric I wrote

But when I finished singing my lover just yawned
And continued to stare at the floor
Saying “nobody wants to hear songs anymore”

Oh when did it all get so boring?
How did it all get so bad?
Why does nobody care for a story?
Swallowing hooks without lines or intentional rhymes
But whatever as long as we dance

So pull down the staging and cancel the show
Tell all the bands to go home
Burn the piano and tear up the score
‘Cause nobody wants to hear songs anymore