7½ Phere (2005)

Sadesat Phere cinema poster

Movie: 7½ Phere (2005)
Tagline: More Than a Wedding
Story: Ishaan Trivedi
Director: Ishaan Trivedi
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Producer: Nimit Modawal
Cinematography: Attar Singh Saini
Production Company: Epitome Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Movie Run Time: 136 minutes

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• Juhi Chawla as Asmi Ganatra
• Irfan Khan as Manoj
• Manoj Pahwa as Inspector Rohit Kande
• Neena Kulkarni as Rati Pant
• Anang Desai as Suresh Joshi

• Shri Vallabh Vyas as Mahesh ‘Taoji’ Joshi
• Manini De as Raveena Joshi
• Chahat Khanna as Piya S. Joshi
• Manish Chaudhary as Nimit Joshi

• Ninad Kamat
• Shauni Khanna
• Rushad Rana
• Ashok Banthia

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Release Date: 29 July, 2005
Language: Hindi
Country: India


7 1⁄2 Phere movie captioned ‘More Than a Wedding’ is a 2005 Bollywood comedy film. The story is about a TV network which starts a reality show on marriages in Indian families.

A first time director Asmi Ganatra played by Juhi Chawla, somehow manages to install secret cameras to cover the marriage in Joshi’s family. The privacy of Joshi’s family gets invaded by the cameras and incidents which should remain buried come out in the open and gives the Channel all sorts of juicy tidbits to increase their TRP Ratings.

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