Bryan Adams – “Mysterious Ways” Song Lyrics

Artist: Bryan Adams
Song: Mysterious Ways

Just when I thought I had it figured out
Just when I thought I had the answers
You came along so full of promises
Full of grace and second chances

For awhile I tried to shut it out
For awhile I tried to fight it
But now I see that there just ain’t no use
There ain’t no reason to deny it
Oh, you just never know, no you don’t

The world is full of mysteries
Full of magic and of wonder
There’s so much more than what we see
Can’t explain the spell I’m under
Every time I look upon your face I’m constantly amazed
And love moves through my days in mysterious ways

They say the heart is shaped just like a fist
Holding in its feelings
I say the heart is like an open hand
Holding out and healing
Oh wherever you go, don’t you know