The Cramps – “Alligator Stomp” Song Lyrics

Album: The Cramps
Song: Alligator Stomp

C’mon do the gator. The alligator stomp. Do the gator. Yeh chomp chomp chomp. Well there’s a brand new stomp. That they’re talkin’ about. It crawled out o’ the swamp. And opened up it’s mouth. Said do the gator. Whip that tail around. Do the gator. To this brand new sound. Well ya rub your belly. And ya fall of the floor. Ya whip your tail. And ya go go go. C’mon do the gator. Ya look like a snake. Do the gator. This is really great. Ya wiggle around to the crazy beat. Ya roll across the floor. And knock ’em off their feet. Do the gator. Not the crocodile. Do the gator. Man this is really wild! If anybody’s left standin’. Doin’ the sausage and eggs. Ya swim on over. And bite off their legs. Yeh, do the gator. Let’s see a great big grin. Do the ator. Bite ’em on the shin. This is dance is pretty short. But there ain’t none greater. The bouncer’s gonna come and say, “see ya later.” Do the gator. Out in the parkin’ lot. Do the gator. Man, this is really hot!