Wiley – “Hollow Da Don – Bars” Song Lyrics

Album: Wiley
Song: Hollow Da Don – Bars

[Intro – Hollow Da Don:]
Wiley, slow the mixtape down
This ain’t for your average spitter

[Verse – Hollow Da Don:]
Tell ’em look into the bullseye while I throw darts, this practise nigga
If I’m after niggas won’t stop, so stop asking nigga
You ain’t got a choice if you wanna go to war, (why?) I’m drafting niggas
I will, saran wrap these niggas and package niggas
Whether gun rhyme or average nigga, punchline or swagga nigga
Unsigned or battle nigga, I’ll sunshine and black on niggas
Umm, I’m futuristic with this shit
That’s what I’m saying, I’m so ahead of my time I know the date print on my grave script, wait, that’s May, shit
Maybe I should change this, I’m so ahead of my time I met my son before I made him
I’m so ahead of my time I doubled these vocals before I laid ’em
Now, let’s get to the latest news
Hollow the one that’s making major moves with Lux and Joe on pay-per-view
I know that had Aki salty, no Jamaican food, cause I can interrupt this show and any time like breaking news
And I can take his boo and tape her nude
Made a movie out that pussy, yeah, that got taken too
Now, I’ma leave you with tips, my last three battles equal to this
I was loaded for this next body but I’m leaving a clip so nobody butt in while I’m beating this bitch