The Alchemist – “Divine Intervention” Song Lyrics

Album: The Alchemist
Song: Divine Intervention

O trice is back about his mission
Know I’ve be missing and the listenner bitchin
Hearing the same shit this mc pitching
Divine intervention couldent fix your condition
You withnessing lyricsissem visual
Pics attached to the shit that I spit, I live for the beat
This characters charismatic nada, I air’em more hotter
Bet your bougta Dollar I’m a fobia

Used my son Using this tools for pun
I punish ya, catch a jump in the gun
If it get yaki yaki, or mesi mess
Sticking out your chest [?] Bought the best
Obey my erea, ok I bury ya
Where carrer left or fade won’t carry ya
Rhyme artist ill show you hoes retarted
Give a ball I starled to leave I nigga departed
O trice is nicest artist
Flipping them Oranges to chorusses
From the corner of quarantine, come a team
To preform at this, How enormous is this
A young black male at cell at hoes pell Still excel when in sentences as well
Reinvent for wealth, fuck sitting on the shelf- get
Money to my home, its prison in itself
We cAn go elsewhere why should I felt here
You boys know better
I hold the belt owes the rap game floyd maywheater
Little or big the hood in the kid this is good as it gets
You wanna think do what he did to get in a hits
Get in the ditch just to get him rich
Dig this, my distinction is lyrics
And you just an inkling from a man hit
Please get a man a mirror, let his face himself
How can I put I clearer when clarity is the only way to obie delivers
Porfavor niggas sipping [?]
Reevalute bussiness, I’m inches from killing a rap game is senseless
The energy does hit, its the 90
In the millanum you find me running through shit with gun with two clips
For bum that wanna proof his mascularity
This is massive injury
Obie is far from just raps on beats
Born to the streets with a soar perfome that
Told back than I was manure
But a nigga maneuver and mechanism took amount of reckless living Now we get back
To the community is what rappers giving
Rest I know stealler, best to show with my fo fo fo fo fo
You know how that go, solo, in the cool things rims, woodcranes, diamond, blood and ham
D I a m o n d o b I e T. r o y c e
Alchemist lace me motherfucker imback
Second rounds on me, order some yet?

They don’t, speak my name man
Only, only to give you
Give you the, what’s the word I’m looking for, give you the ramification ha ha
Shady records, shady afternath, dr dre, eninem, d12, 50 cent, g unit
Its that quate
Obie trice motherfuckers