Splurge – “No Deal” Song Lyrics

Album: Splurge
Song: No Deal

(Ayy let me hear that ho Jeff)

Come over lil bitch, come spend the night
I keep a pipe, don’t believe in the hype
Money stand tall, gotta look at the height
I eat good, orange chicken and rice
These bitches love me, picking and choosing
I pull them racks out, I get defusing
I’m getting head, I’m just driving and cruising
I got on red bottoms, my shoes boot
These niggas got bullied in school
I was in AP, broke all the rules
You get around bitches and try to be cool
I snuck in the glizzy, I made niggas move
These gay ass rappers keep hitting my line
They just want a feature, they think that I’m signed
They stealing my swag, I’ll give ’em a fine
I fuck, kick her out, ’cause she is not mine
Play with them keys, play with piano
I play with them brothers, I race in Camaro
We rollin’ Backwoods, chillin’ on Melrose
We got them straps, we got them velcros
No bitch, we not finna sign your deal
You thinkin’ we broke, we done ran up some M’s
Bad lil bitch, she from Beverly Hills
My shooter look evil, will give you some chills
Back at again, yeah
I’m smokin’ good gas with my friends
We fuck around, jack you again, yeah
I’m grimey, you thought we was friends, ayy
I had to dip just like some ranch
My Backwood stuffed, it look like a branch
I took a mile, they gave me an inch
I just got a thirty, that bitch got extend
Fuck, a melody niggas
Ice on your bitch just like a pedigree
I came with them dogs, them niggas eat Pedigree
I get to the green, I get to the celery
I’m still hittin’ licks, I can’t be a better me
They know I win, the OG’s bet on me
I came with the trench, I bet they gon’ tip for me
Need to tell your bitch stop texting me
We found the stash spots, we hit the jackpot
I know some niggas got rich off of crack pot
I hit the mall and ball out like a blacktop
I’m from the A, catch bodies on Mattlox
I sell a whole thing, I bust down a pint
My daddy told me better crash on sight
I came with a fifty, that was somethin’ light
He reached for his fifty, he seen the light
Gucci slides, I slide on your ho
Yeah yeah, you ain’t getting dough
You ain’t really eating, we know that you broke
Can’t give you no money but give you some hope
The other day I had to go to church
Because the day before I put in some work
I don’t got no feelings, don’t care if you hurt
That shit was red, he thought it was purp

You know
New money bags
It’s Splurge season
Yeah, bitch
What you talkin’ ’bout nigga
Run it up
AK with me, yeah, hah, gang