Ben Abraham – “Somebody’s Mother” Song Lyrics

Album: Ben Abraham
Song: Somebody’s Mother

Third of November, thanks for your letter
Your picture book stretched out the length of four cars
Your story’s not easy but then what is easy?
With parents like yours and with mothers like ours?

You’ve got me thinking what really happened?
‘Til now I’ve been happy to let the dogs lie
But maybe I need to find someone to bleed to
Maybe that’s you and for you maybe I

What do I know? What do I know about her?

I’ve called her an empress, I’ve called her a tempest
A force with no equal, no other
I’ve called her an angel, a rogue and a stranger
But it just hit me now, she was somebody’s mother

Suffer the children, cursed with the pattern
So it has been or at least until now
The looking glass turns to the obvious person
And I’ve seen it all and I still don’t know how

The heart won’t be silent but why seek the silence?
The question is posed now you need to explain
The books that I’ve read maybe have me prepared
But then what’s prepared in a tempest of pain?

What do I know? What do I know about it?

Well I’ve been a soldier, the bitter, the colder
I’ve been a wife and a lover
I’ve been the backbone, I’ve been the dead zone
But I remember now
That I’m somebody’s mother