Billionaire Boys Club | Trailer

Movie: Billionaire Boys Club (2018)
Written By: James Cox, Captain Mauzner
Director: James Cox
Music: Joel J. Richard
Music Supervisor: Robin Urdang
Producers: Cassian Elwes, Holly Wiersma, Christopher Lemole, Tim Zajaros,
Cinematography: James M. Muro
Production Company: Armory Films
Distributed By: Vertical Entertainment
Budget: $15 million

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Release Date: 17th August, 2018 (United States)
Language: English
Country: United States

Billionaire Boys Club is an upcoming Hollywood biographical crime drama film directed by James Cox and co-written with Captain Mauzner. It is based on the real-life Billionaire Boys Club active in Southern California during the 1980s.

Led by their fellow preppie friend Joe Hunt, a group of wealthy boys in 1983 Los Angeles comes up with a plan to get-rich-quick with a Ponzi scheme. The plan ends badly for all involved as the money contributed by investors was spent on supporting lavish lifestyles for young members of the club. When funds ran short in 1984, Hunt, his friend Jim Pittman and other club members end up murdering investor and con-man, Ron Levin, to raise more money.

Editor: Glen Scantlebury, Ace Amy Collier
Co-Producer: Captain Mauzner
Associate Producers:
Executive Producers: Jere Hausfater, Crystal Lourd, Logan Levy, Jared D. Underwood, Andrew C. Robinson, Xiyuan Jin, Hongbo Kang, Xiaoye Yang, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones, Alastair Burlingham
Line Producer: Damian Lubiak

Director of Photography:
J. Michael Muro
Production Designer: Franco Giacomo-Carbone
Casting By: Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee
Costume: Terry Anderson

• Ansel Elgort as Joe Hunt, the group leader and financial expert.
• Taron Egerton as Dean Karny, a tennis pro.
• Kevin Spacey as Ron Levin, a Beverly Hills high roller.
• Jeremy Irvine as Kyle Biltmore, one of the members of the Billionaire Boys Club.
• Bokeem Woodbine as a club bouncer who becomes involved in the club’s doings

• Emma Roberts as Sydney, the love interest of Hunt.
• Billie Lourd as Rosanna Tickpurth, the love interest of Blitmore.
• Suki Waterhouse as Quintana, the love interest of Karny.
• Judd Nelson as Ryan Hunt, Joe’s father
• Ryan Rottman as Scott, one of the two twins adopted by the owner of Maybelline who first invested in the Club.

• Kevin Bratcher as Guy Hitting on Cougar
• Cary Elwes as Andy Warhol
• Waleed Zuaiter as Sam Samedi
• Carmen Illán as Samedi’s wife
• Thomas Cocquerel as Charlie
• Rosanna Arquette as Sydney’s mother
• Justin Arnold as Carter
• Billy Slaughter as Loan Officer

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