The Silent Letter!

When I was in school, my friend Mani use to ask a lot of questions! One day this hilarious incident took place.

Mani to English Teacher: why do we ignore some letters while pronouncing a word? Example, ‘H’ in Honest etc…

Teacher: Son, we are not ignoring them, but they are considered silent.

During lunch break…

Teacher: Mani, could you please heat my food in the cafeteria and bring it to me?

Mani happily agrees and ran to the cafeteria. He came back to the teacher after some time to hand over the box, and our teacher was shocked!

Hahaha, Mani returned empty lunch box to our teacher. Guess what Mani answered when our teacher questioned him?

Teacher: What happened? I told you to heat my food and bring it back to me. Why did you return with an empty box?

Mani: Madam, I thought ‘H’ in ‘heat‘ is silent and ‘ate‘ all the food!!! 😛

*** Did you encounter such situation with your friend? Tag/share this with such friends and laugh out loud. Comment below if you want to share such experience with everyone. 🙂 ***