Bryan Adams – “Don’t Look Back” Song Lyrics

Artist: Bryan Adams
Song: Don’t Look Back

Look into the eyes of a child, it’s magic
Once in a while
You don’t know what to say
You throw it all away

Hold onto your dreams, you can find them
Take a look around
Remember who you are
You don’t have to look that far

I’d given up on happy endings
You know that it won’t last
(Don’t look back) * 2

Reach into your soul, it’s amazing
Open up your eyes
And face another day
And find a better way

Hang onto your heart, it’s surprising
It’s easy to believe
You can lose it in the end
And find it all again

I’m turning nightmares into dreams
And the fear is fading fast
(Don’t look back) * 2

How can I go on pretending
Living in the past

(Don’t look back) * 5

How can I go on pretending
I’d given up on happy endings

Even though your heart is breaking
Love is there, it’s for the taking