Bryan Adams – “We’re Gonna Win” Song Lyrics

Album: Bryan Adams
Song: We’re Gonna Win

We’re gonna win
Don’t wanna be a loser – gonna win
Cuz winnin’ really is the only thing
Get out of the way we’re comin’ in
If ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
Does anybody wanna take a swing?
It’s gotta be all or nothing
Oh we’re gonna be the champions
Ya we’re goin’ all the way – we’re gonna win win

We’re gonna win
Forget about a draw – we’re gonna score
And then we’re gonna get a few more
Maybe another one just to be sure
We’ll make ya look just like an amateur
Until the final whistle it’s a war
And then we’re gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar
Ya – we’re comin’ in we’re gonna win win

We’re gonna win – we wanna win
Cuz number one is everything
We’re gonna win – we wanna win
We’re gonna be the champions
We’re gonna win