Mac Dre – “L.A. 2 Da Bay” Song Lyrics

Album: Mac Dre
Song: L.A. 2 Da Bay

[Mac Dre Talking]
What’s happing?
It’s yo crest side connection
I got my home girls up in here the 5 Footaz
Were doing it from L.A. 2 da mothafucking bay ya’ know
Romparoom crew fo lyfe biatch
C doulbe o l I o
The Da Unda Diggitie
My nigga da D.Con what’s up boi
Yeah putting it down the realist way possible
They thought it was impossible
But I’m coming real flossible ya know
Mac Dre, Double R, Jah Skills set that shit off

[Jah Skills]
I remember hot nights in December
Cali never felt like winter
But when it rains and pours feel like you getting yours
I recall car door slamming that nigga jamming
That pistol in yo throat talking bout who he gone smoke
Little do he know he fucking with my chips shit
And can’t be having no other chips up in my dip with
All this drama, I caught up to my home girl
From the back, cracked him back showed him the real world
Like M.T.V, he fucking with you, he fucking me
Money push mo yak then Hennessey believe me
I got the scoop scoop fo ya all day
5 Footaz, Coolio Mac Drez-a
Now fuck with y’all say

[Da Unda Dogg]
Niggaz be always flossing like they getting laid
Major riches steady running this shit and pulling them licks
Nigga to pay them bitches ways to ho know letting da ho know
Ripping my walet like ambanizza, from L.A. 2 da bay to around yo way
I stay breaking da skizza, leaving it in her pocket the hataz will knock it
While fucking my nine up bucking my nuts suck on lyrics and duck em’
I got none on it, cause if I want it then nigga I’m taking it
By shaking and baking it no mistake it but I be makin’ it
The 5 Footaz and Mac Dre has got my back
They collaborated on this track fo’ da phat pay

[Jah Skills]
All day everyday this what we do, steady da chips
(Neb Luv)
And the shit don’t quit

[Chrous x2]

From L.A. 2 da bay
You gots to get that money
(steady stacking chips and the shit don’t quit)

[Neb Luv]
Coast 2 coast we gon’ toast, the beautiful the suitiful
Garreteed the most, the place we gon fil up
Throw yo hill up, get ya scrilla
Don’t let nar have to peal ya verbily dismantle
Disconnect the scandal to thick, plus I’m too sick
Rompalatin’ coversatin’ hear with my shit
See through perpetrataz playahata avacataz
Can’t stop it, slang my romp hold profit
In the bay area, a hour from L.A.
We came to blow this shit up with Mac Dre what cha say
Best to be secure, liquid when it’s pure
Have a taste if you ain’t sure

[Mac Dre]
We got the M A C D R E
With the F I V E F Double O T A Z
COUNTRY CLUB CREST in this biatch
Young rompa room nigga gettin’ riach
I’m hard as a nugget ruget will slug it with any nigga
Who figures he bigga triggaz I squeeze and stack G’z
The seeds our three cees be having the vega lead
To slow my flow but no I’ll never give her deez
Suckas will pump brakes, and I never pump brakes
The pettle to the metal whenever a punk fakes
Moving at full speed, choke when I pull weed
Fo I could be kool ki’ed cause that’s what a fool needs
I dive and dig in big butts and get nuts
Whenever she blow me homie and lovin’ the shit fa
Cause hittin’ that ass slot is better than phat cock
I used to serve phat rocks, and kelpt the track hot
But now I spit shit, that hit and get grits
Legit it won’t quit, if you do it don’t quit
Cause dealin’ drug dealin’ and killin’ you and mine
And I almost ruined mine cause it had be doing time
But now that I’m back black, I’m having a phat stack
Of scrilla to the filla, it’s fonk then I’m at that
Popeing like gasoline, slicker then vaseline
I raps in caps in head claps and get tangerines
Double R star putting in major work
For Young Dre, Big Doc, Freaky D, and Curt
It’s Mac Dre cause when shits gets low
With Jah Skills, Coolio, and mail, and Neb Luv

[Jah Skills]
All day everyday this what we do, steady da chips
(Neb Luv)
And the shit don’t quit

[Chorus x1]

[5 Footaz Talking Til Song Cuts]