Adam Gregory – “Sky Is The Limit” Song Lyrics

Album: Adam Gregory
Song: Sky Is The Limit

I sat on the couch, with a book in my hand
I thought of all the good times that I’ve had
But even though life’s sometimes hard
and it’s hard to understand
The sky is the limit, so do with it what you can

Oh, the sky’s the limit oh the sky never ends
even though life’s a struggle, one day it will end
So make the best of what you have
be it good or be it bad

And oh, the sky is the limit
so do with it what you can

I wake up every morning,
with a smile upon my face
The day seems so exciting,
I could never complain
My family is so supportive
they’re the best that a boy could have
So take each day for what it’s worth
And then you’ll understand why…