Mavado – “Nuh Trust Fren” Song Lyrics

Album: Mavado
Song: Nuh Trust Fren

Cut dem off, yuh fi cut dem off
From dem nuh real yo fi shut dem off
Cause dem cyaa kill wi and laugh
Wi nah dead off
Cause wa, mi mother did tell mi nuh fi trust dem

The bible tell mi nuh fi trust friend
Because who to be trust and love
A dem first si yuh and grudge

[Verse 1:]
Is like dem have a dutty badmind and dem cyaa seet
Is like a yuh meck dem cyaa sleep
Is like a yuh meck dem cyaa eat
Dem all a grudge yuh fi the leather paw yo car seat
But yo progressive in a life is like yo born fi it
Yo si yo goal and yo gone fi it
Ghetto yo born pon the concrete
And yo never sell yo soul and tek the wrong street
Wa meck yo special suh? Am so special suh
From badmind cyaa stop yuh yo special to
Am so special suh, am so special suh
Dem cyaa pull yo down let the special go
Dem nuh badder bad, dem badmind
Dem get the blessing and waste fi dem time
Mi si dem stop allot a youth shine
Try stop mine well a straight dollar coin

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Mi seh it in a dem blood
It in a dem blood
When the gully come down a dem a wash in a the flood
Every crab in a barrel and every hog in a the mud
Yo seet in a the hail field [?] it in a the hug
That’s why a years now yo done wid dem friendship
If yuh a hot up dem head go look some fenzick
Real people cyaa tek pretend ship
And if a gyal a f another man mi haffi bench it
And if a guy a fassy hole let go the endz quick
Qully finger fast pon the chigger like the Benz quick
Bwoy duppy bat a flick, yeh mi do allot of it
And even if hi pack in a the gun yo know mi glock have it

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

[Repeat Chorus]