Westside Gunn – “Blessed Times” Song Lyrics

Album: Westside Gunn
Song: Blessed Times

[AA Rashid:]
Ooh, this sound good (Conductor, we have a problem)
Yo, it’s- it’s lowkey (Conductor)
It’s lowkey disrespectful, man (Conductor)
Right now, at this point, I, I-
It’s like, everybody wanna do the same shit and try to do the same shit and you not actually doin’ the same shit
And that’s what makes it difficult for me to understand how it is
That you can’t see that even if the son and them was to write this shit down in the book
These niggas still wouldn’t go pick up the book to read it
That’s evident
I could already see that ’cause we in the most blessed time to be alive
And everybody got access to the same air, the same soil, the same everything
But nah, all men are not created equal, that’s a motherfuckin’ lie, you heard?
And the proof is in the pudding, don’t get the peas mixed up, nigga, yeah
I can see it
I’m tired of that shit, but actually I’m not tired of it, I just don’t care about it, you heard?
If you don’t got no art connected to all of that tough, fake ass tough shit you niggas runnin’ around talkin’ ’bout
You goin’ down like Christmas ornaments in February, nigga, yeah (Conductor)
You better go get you some motherfuckin’ books, you better go study
You need some paintings in your motherfuckin’ house, son
Psst, man