RiceGum – “Carter Reynolds Roast Me! (Diss Track)” Song Lyrics

Album: RiceGum
Song: Carter Reynolds Roast Me! (Diss Track)

Fell off, you’re irrelevant
Running out of money, don’t try to flex
Fake gold sit around your neck
And I’m getting tweets coming from your ex
Career going in reverse
Here’s another L, add it to the first
All these Ls like you got a curse
Washed up, man, it gotta hurt
Yeah, we watchin’ you fall like Niagara
Boy, you got kicked out of Magcon
Ain’t part of the group like Alaska
Been had an L, but I’ll add one
I have career, you had one
I hate a Carter especially
That’s why your ex is obsessed with me
Boy, you should not know to mess with me
All your chains fake and your neck is green
Asian, but you are not like me
Boy, you is short, you is 5’3″
You’re disgrace to the Chinese
You’re Sketchers, I’m Nike
I hate a goofy especially
Tell your friend to not mention me
They gotta go, they gotta go
They said I’m scared, but I never was
I’m ’bout to do what you never done
Ling ling ass boy, you are my son
We’re Asians, but I am the better one
Yeah, yeah, we’re Asians, but I am the better one
Yeah, Asians, but I am the better one