Fetty Wap – “Cologne” Song Lyrics

Album: Fetty Wap
Song: Cologne

When I first seen her had to make her mine
First I eat her then I get her from behind
Never leave her got a ring a second time

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Roll my weed I do that shit like all the time
I’m a stoner I smoke lemon cherry pie
Wonder how I always end up in the sky

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeeaahyeeaahh

And you know that shit hit different when its strong
You could still smell the weed in my cologne
Start the car hit the gas and we gone

What’s with you baby
Love the way it walk I’m like it fit you baby
I got you now but first it was a mission baby
Look here I got a ring I hope it fit you baby
No issues baby, Yeah
I keep my pistol baby, Yeah
Let a nigga trip he come up missing baby’
Everytime you leave I’m like I miss you baby
I really miss you baby
I’m coming home kuz I can’t wait to kiss you baby

Yeah Yeah Yeah