Webbie – “This Me” Song Lyrics

Album: Webbie
Song: This Me

I wish for money, cars, clothes, and golds I was eleven
And now I’m rich and all I wish is that I’d go to heaven
Just throw a few grams of some purple flowers on my coffin
I’ll never turn up on my fam no matter what you offer
Just tell the twins not to cry just tell em to relax
I’ll be waitin where grandmama at with Nat and uncle Phat
Before I be a buster I’d rather be like my big brother
Cuffed in handcuffs and ain’t nobody gotta send me nuthin
Hard to kill with a heart of steal
Hell yeah I-I-I could raise muthafuckin hell bitch

Better ask somebody I’m tellin you somebody better get these niggas
I’m up in this bitch solo I don’t need nobody with me nigga
Tryna get me nigga don’t miss me nigga better hit me nigga
Ain’t nuthin that I can’t do savage you ain’t gotta bullshit me nigga
I sit back fuck that I’m back you ain’t mufuckin miss me nigga
If I die my niggas goin ride like a mufuckin ten speed nigga
Still the same lil nigga since I was lil now I’m just a lil bigga
Better look at me nigga
This me nigga

If you think I just lucked up you got me so fucked up
Left dem niggas lone yeah I did it so what
I ain’t finna let them niggas get me fucked up
I’m right here I ain’t got nowhere to fuckin go
Hittin nigga for the low gimme fifty for the show
Got a pound full of blow I could drown in the mo
Rosé by by the case mo drink then the sto
Ho ice cold like she live in the snow
Gucci everyday like I live in the sto
Smoke mo weed then a mufucka grow
Gotta car no keys once I get in there go
I got the pedal to the floo
Wet wet paint yeah the mufucka glow
Catchin every slang that the mufucka throw
I ain’t never goin change he’ll mufuckin no
And that’s a fact lil nigga
I never look back I could crack my mirror
There ain’t nuthin in this whole damn world I’m fearin
There ain’t nuthin in the world I’m fearin
And I’m so serious
Outta my bidness these niggas so curious
Young sweet
This me nigga


I’ll flash out right damn now
They’ll have to come and get me nigga
Don’t none of my fam goin miss me nigga
Don’t none of my pants don’t fit me nigga
Couldn’t see me wit a TV
Better go and look up at the cover of my cd
Its BET and it’s bad ass
I’m webbie they call me savage
Got carrots like I’m a rabbit
Stay stabbin like it’s a habit
I don’t want nothin I have it
I ain’t braggin I’m stackin
I told myself that I owe myself
Championship belt but quiet that’s ?
If you got that bitch better watch that bitch
Nigga knowin me I take a shot at that bitch
I got tired of my bitch
Have that ho lil Rittz he rich
And he gave that ho to one of y’all niggas
We don’t like hoes up in the click
From Louisiana the free state
Trill fam we been straight
Still will hustle my ass off
Finna get the plate like I never ate


Still the same ole cat since way back ain’t that much change nigga
But the mustang turned to a full [?] leather seats no top with her
Bad bitch so bright look white independent and she working wit a hot spitta
I send y’all boys right to her jobsite to the back like ya work wit her
Yeah ya niggas gettin money but ya niggas so pussy that ya prolly got a purse wit ya
Every killa in the hood but the nigga so hood that ya prolly at work wit em
I’m the prince of the trill if you really ain’t real really I ain’t even tryna see him
If you fuck with this here on the real i show love like ya had to be em

Run in that bitch just like the people
No ones leavin or noones breathin
Raid the closets check the dressers
Kill everybody double check em
Trill for life bitch respect it
Disrespect it you’ll regret it
If you still don’t get the message you better check it
Sweet Jones