Ruff Ryders – “Fuck Da Haters (Skit)” Song Lyrics

Album: Ruff Ryders
Song: Fuck Da Haters (Skit)

[Swizz] Flesh, what’s poppin’ baby?
[Flesh] Chillin man, you know, you know how it is. Holdin’ down the DJ crown.
[Swizz] OK.
[Flesh] heh. Yeah….
[Swizz] But yo I got a situation here man.
[Flesh] Alright, talk to me.
[Swizz] You know I don’t really talk that much, you know, I’m pretty a low type dude. But you know I be reading this, these magazines and all that.
[Flesh] Why da’ hate man?
[Swizz] Yeah!
[Flesh] Why da’ fuckin hate?
[Swizz] Yeah.
[Flesh] You know what the problem is man? Fuck da’ haters. Let ’em understand that Swizz Beatz has the crown and don’t be upset.
[Swizz] Always.
[Flesh] Hows it going down? Ryde or Die part 2…it’s gonna be ugly?
[Swizz] Frenzy…
[Flesh] hehehehe. Aiiight.
[Swizz] Word up, so you hold it down man, you know, come into the station, let me chicka, chicka, chicka.
[Flesh] Do what you need to do as you always do. Shout to Dee and Waah, word up.
[Swizz] Word up.

[dial tone]

[Swizz] What up Bus, whats poppin.
[Busta] Fuck is the deal, my nigga?
[Swizz] Ain’t nothin, you know we doing this man. These niggaz on. They hatin’ on ya boy man.
[Busta] Niggaz is tryin to carry on?
[Swizz] No question.
[Busta] Aiight. Well, first and foremost, all we really need to do to handle a situation like that…you send them niggaz to come see me. Because I got a hand full of niggaz that stay doing nothin’. Real anxious lookin for niggaz like them kinda niggaz.
[Swizz] Right.
[Busta] Put one of them long black steel things in their fuckin mouth.
[Swizz] No question.
[Busta] It ain’t even a problem nigga it can be dealt with accordingly. Fuck them niggaz. Let’s show them niggaz how we do it on this next shit we about to bring in their fuckin’ face. Right now nigga, Flipmode/Ruff Ryder way nigga.
[Swizz] Aiiight. Fuck ’em lets go.