Majestica – “A Christmas Has Come” Song Lyrics

Album: Majestica
Song: A Christmas Has Come

Hey boy, can you tell me, what day is it today?
Well of course there sir, it’s Christmas day
The spirits have done it all in one night
Still there’s time to make things right

“And so Ebenezer realized that it’s not too late
For this old man to change his cruel fate
He wandered the streets, singing songs of cheer
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year”

I was greedy and cruel, felt so alone
Nobody with me to call my own
I thought I was happy, I thought I was right
But the spirits they helped me last night
By seeing the misery that I have caused
The unhappiness brought me a tear
So Merry Christmas to all
And a Happy New Year

They first took him back to see when he was
A happy, young child with a brighter future
He had everything, but still wanted more
Oh, how he have paid for that, since
He treated his friends badly, every day
No wonder he had no one near
Now Merry Christmas to all
And a Happy New Year

See now that man, he’s totally changed, he’s a different person (I’m a different person)
Where you find love, that’s where you’ll find Christmas – inside your heart, it’s time…

Time to now make amends
To tear down the fence
And go out into the world and see
What wonderful things it can bring

[Businessman Man:]
He sure wouldn’t spare just one single dime
For the poor, little children that one day could die
But now we can see him here all the time
Spending his fortune, oh my

He’s walking the streets, smiling, waving so glad
Singing songs of happy and cheer
[Scrooge:] Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year

Onto these glorious last days I have
I will spend it all on cheer and joyful
Time for friends, time for Fred
And time for dear Tiny Tim
Now I can’t hardly believe
I spent all these years living in fear
Hiding inside my wall (Merry Christmas to all)
Where I shortly would fall (The alliance forever)
So Merry Christmas to all (Aahh Majepic Christmas time)
And a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas to you all

And so it was, that since that day
Ebenezer Scrooge celebrated Christmas in every kind of way
And with the words of Tiny Tim, who’s journey had just begun
“Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone”