Birdman & Rick Ross – “Got A Bitch” Song Lyrics

Album: Birdman & Rick Ross
Song: Got A Bitch

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Bitch, ain’t it nothing but some motherfuckin’ money over her
You understand me?
So you already know what time it is
You feel me?
You know what a nigga need baby
I ain’t gon’ play with ya
Dont waste my time, wont waste yours
Ya feel me? Cause I have enough hoes
Get in line

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I got a bitch smokin’ weed, a bitch snortin’ powder
A bitch countin’ money baggin a million every hour
Got a bitch in debt, a bitch gettin’ stacks
The bitch love tats, CMB on her back
I got a bitch do frog, wanna see me live large
Smokin’ like barb in my Versace drawers
Got a bitch on the phone, bitch doin’ time
No cooperation so that bitch doing fine
I got a bitch in New Orleans, Bird hooked me up with
Keys to the crib, now its birds up in her shit
Bitch with a Honda, so that bitch can save
Lookin’ like a saint, but a trunk full of H
Got a bitch in the Bay, she wanna fuck Khaled
Audition for the boss, let me see you talent
The bitch do tricks, the bitch do cane
She snort it off your dick right before she give you brain

[Hook: Birdman]
Bitch I’m the shit, if you want shit
Shittin’ on them heels, or shittin’ in them bricks
Hit another lick, bitch we can split
H is the hustle fully loaded in this bitch
Bitch I’m the shit, if you want shit
Diamond around your neck, and Louie Vouton for your trip
Flip another brick, shinin’ in them bricks
H is the hustle, three quarters for a brick

[Verse 2: Birdman]
Straight got a bitch uptown, move nothin’ but brown
Holo on ground, keep a tool wear a crown
Got a bitch like weed, bitch snort D
Bitch count my money and she don’t pop P
I got a bitch su-woo, true to what she do
She fuck with nothing but B’s and she love what we do
Got a bitch in New York, know I love to fuck
Brought me a new Benz and a brand new truck
I got a bitch do it early, movin’ them buerly’s
Hit the hood quick nigga, servin’ and swervin’
Got this bitch love red, thats how we plead
CMB down nigga, ready to spray it
Got a bitch in Miami ho, Ross hooked me up though
I ain’t even trippin whoa, showed her some love though
Got this bitch up in Philly, I stop fuckin’ wit it
The ho bought me a Phantom, mother fuck the bitch


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Got a bitch real slim, who wanna do films
If you go down on a boy I might go out on a limb
I got a bitch wear plex, or the bitch hair straight
I break a bitch harder than every bitch that I break
I got an R&B bitch, I got a rap bitch
Call her anime, cause I got a stack bitch
I got a bitch on her period, thats money loss
I’m out two for one ho, you fuckin’ with a boss

[Verse 4: Birdman]
I got a bitch from over seas, its legal where we be
Versace red, bitch a hundred G’s
Burnin’ on the beach, so them bitches see
Candy on the paint bitch you know its CMB
I got a bitch like an eagle, bitch with an eagle
Bitch get the money, bitch know my people
Bitch from uptown, know how we get down
Money on my mind bitch, blowin’ out the pine


[Outro: DJ Khaled]
This that 305, 504
504, 305 shit
This Birdman, Rick Ross
Lost Tapes, Volume 1 H