Evans Blue – “BS, Inc.” Song Lyrics

Album: Evans Blue
Song: BS, Inc.

You speak of vision when you close your eyes
Make your decisions based on who you’re standing by
You only notice when it’s you who’s right
You find religion just before you lived your life

Lies do not make the man understand
It takes a man to understand the lies

Your insecurities have called you out.
I think you notice and it feels like torture
You’re suffocating, but you can’t stop now
Bullshit Incorporated

You say you’re different, but you can’t say why
Voice your opinions based on what you’re told to find
You think you sold us on your shit disguise
If lies had teeth you’d fucking chew your way through life

(Is it over? Is it over? Is it over for you?) * 2
I think it’s over for you