Judy Collins – “Bright Day” Song Lyrics

Album: Judy Collins
Song: Bright Day

On the bright day we all set sail,
The sea was as clear as glass.
Gentle, fair wind, no sign of gale,
Running so smooth and fast.

Like a silk banner in the sun,
Amethyst blue and gold,
Spiniker pointed to the sky,
All of our sails unfurled.

What is beneath the sea,
What is it you can’t hold,
Safe in the harbor’s arms
What is it you don’t know?

All of that day we sailed so far,
To the horizon’s line,
Far as our eyes could see the way,
All of the world was kind.

Under our hull, the humpbacked whale
Singing his holy song,
Swimming his ancient path of blue,
Where once we had all belonged.

Everything dying lives
Everything living dies
Nothing will last for long
Everything else is lies.

Suddenly then the wind grew cold,
And the dark clouds rolled in.
Billowing sails began to tear,
Driven against the wind.

Hard in our face the rain came on,
Fierce as the devil’s storm
Down on our knees we fought to pray
Battered, our hopes were born.

Kill and be killed, he said,
Twist and be twisted, too,
If you choose life to live,
Everything comes to you.

Why we were spared we’ll never know
But the sun shone again.
All the wind died as fast as snow
The water was calm again.

Nothing would ever be the same,
No matter where we might sail,
If you can change you fear to faith
You can not ever fail.

What is beneath the sea,
What is it you can’t hold,
Safe in the harbor’s arms,
What is it you don’t know?