Chief Keef – “Stupid” Song Lyrics

Album: Chief Keef
Song: Stupid

Since I’ve been eating now I like a bunch of food
Who the fuck is you I don’t run with you
I run with the Glo, I run with the crew
I run with the gang, I run with some shooters
Rolling in that stupid car
This big ass gun I’m toting this bitch stupid
Counting rolls holy this shit stupid
I don’t believe in cupid that shit stupid

I’m blood gang bitch I’m booling bitch I’m booling
Fuck with the crips we cooling bitch we cooling
Nigga don’t slip you lose it then you lose it
You ain’t got your toolie then your dumb ass stupid
Shawty know I pull up in that foolish
You know how we roll know how that we maneuver
I got some top like adios I got to get this mula
Racks up in my ugly trus I’ve been doing this shit since [?]


Fifteen hundred for these shoes and that shit stupid
I don’t even know the name of them but I just do it Nike
She don’t give me brain then she maneuver
Merge the other way to the left like Beyonce
I ain’t got to say this twice this ain’t no delay
Doing one eighty up on the fucking freeway
Put my CD in put myself on replay
I can cut my dreads and sell them on Ebay